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What Kind of Jewelry is Better for Me?

The choices you make tell a history about who you are. And the jewelry you wear projects your image to the world around you. But, most important, is how it makes you feel when you look at your reflection. When unique designs, handcrafted by an artist's hands, speaks to your heart, you belong to the art lovers’ niche. The joy you feel wearing that unique piece comes from a deeper level.  Perhaps, somehow what you feel goes beyond the surface because you feel part of a human story that blends with yours.

Every artist has a unique style. And you will know it is for you when the thought of wearing the piece makes you feel extremely good. It is as if your voice is now being expressed through an artist work. That’s why it is very common for women to become a collector of artist work. And collectors will agree that the value of handcrafted jewelry created by an artist, goes beyond the gemstone’s carat cost.


Jewelry, like clothes, must fit your style and shape. Longer pendants, tend to make you look taller. Blue and green gemstones, tend to enhance blue and green eyes. If you have concerns about necklines, a longer chain will drive the attention away from the lines. Larger hands look better with larger rings. These are a few considerations you should keep in mind when choosing pieces. The most important is always how you feel. Follow your heart, and it will lead you to the right choices.

I will be happy to offer suggestions if you need help.