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About Us

Body and Soul Silversmith Studio is brick and mortar studio/shop in historic downtown Gettysburg, next to the Rupp House Historic Center.

I am Marcia, a Studio Jeweler, independent artist. Every piece you are about to see in our online shop was designed and handcrafted in-house. Although I work with precious metal and natural gemstones, my work falls into Studio Jewelry classifications. You see, there is a significant difference between conventional jewelry (fine jewelry) and Studio Jewelry. In fine jewelry, the value of the object is tied to the cost of the materials. On the other hand, Studio jewelry is art to wear handcrafted and signed pieces in which the value goes beyond the price of its material.

By nature, they are one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces that express your individual voice and values. However, besides the joy of owning a unique jewelry piece, you may want to consider the return perspective of your investment. Although art, like any other investment, offers no set guarantees, you may be looking at a long-term investment. Every artist, just like me, goes through different creative phases. In later years, each stage can be a map of the artist's lifetime career. From an investment point of view, a dollar price is attached to each phase. For this reason, take good care of your artist signed Studio Jewelry and hold on to each piece.

Not Fine Jewelry, Fine Work!
by local artist

 Because our showroom blends into the open studio the place feels like it has a life of its own. You get to see the jewelry pieces being made and the tools that I use. Having this set up makes you feel a part of the process. The feedback from our customers is inspiring!

  I am Marcia, I am the artist responsible for all the work we sell at the shop and here online!

  Fred is my husband and partner. Lucky, he has years of experience managing large business, and he takes care of keeping our company on track.

Studio/ Showroom Address:

461 Baltimore St., Gettysburg 17325

p. 717-624-6261


Holiday Hours: ( December 1st to December 31st)

Open 7 days a week from 11am to 8pm)

Christmas Eve - 11am to 5pm

Christmas day - CLOSED

December 31st - 11am to 5pm

January 1st - Closed

Business Hours (EST):

Season Hours (April through December):

Monday - 12pm to 8pm

Tuesday - CLOSED

Wednesday - 12pm to 8pm

Thursday - 12pm to 8pm

Friday - 12pm to 8pm

Saturday - 12pm to 8pm

Sunday - 12pm to 8pm

Off-Season Hours (January through March):

Monday - 12pm to 6pm

Tuesday - CLOSED

Wednesday - 12pm to 6pm

Thursday - 12pm to 6pm

Friday - 12pm to 6pm

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