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Path to Now

Marcia loved to make things since she was a kid. She was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in a household of artists. Her father Mario Brasini, a prominent Brazilian play writer, was the first supporter of her creations. ‘Dad and I just adore each other. I remember the joy dad had with each of my new creation. So much love and respect for each step of my development. It was if creativity bound us together, as if we vibrated in the same wavelength, making my explorations a comfortable place to be. His unconditional support towards my creative development set the tone for my fearless devotion to a visual arts career.’ Marcia remembers. After high school, she enrolled in the art program at Bennett University in Rio de Janeiro. Early in her college years, she fell in love with sculpturing.

Marcia's first art studio, 1983.

Before graduation, Marcia already had her first art studio up and running. Success came fast, and in the following years, Marcia’s sculptures were being sold in galleries throughout the county.


Her work gave her the opportunity to show abroad, and lead her to establish a studio and permanent residency in the US. A decade later she meets her husband, Fred Fowler. Together the couple set roots in central PA opening a studio/showroom where Marcia worked and sold her pieces. In the late 90’s life had a sudden turn with Marcia’s back injury that made it impossible for heavy physical work. That’s when a new phase began that gave birth to the company of today, Body and Soul. Marcia changed media to become a silversmith jewelry maker.  Her new physical reality opened the way for a holistic view of life, and a new purpose for her work. Meaningfulness became as imperative as creating. Marcia believes in the beneficial vibrations of naturally formed gemstones which she incorporates in her handcrafted jewelry work. Each gem in Marcia’s creations is selected and combined for their energetic possibilities, not just aesthetics. Body and Soul showcase a unique line of one-of-a-kind silversmith jewelry designs that connects Marcia’s instinctive desire to bring beauty to her little corner of the world with a sincere belief that the passion that drives her creations will engrave into the metal, enhancing the vibes of the gems. Marcia is dedicated to providing beautiful and empowering jewelry to help women fall in love with themselves a bit more every time they wear her work. Marcia took the extra step of becoming a registered gemologist to gain the skills needed for gem identification. Each gemstone she uses is carefully inspected and tested to assure their nature. New Oxford Body and Soul is a cozy little shop in a lovely small town. It has a relaxed atmosphere where customers feel welcome as soon as they step in. The showroom, adjacent to Marcia silversmith jewelry studio gives the place a unique touch. Success hasn’t changed the couple’s vision for the Company. Maintaining the small production of handcrafted work is what makes the Company a local treasure. Creativity, meaningfulness, combined with high quality and outstanding service has been and still is the priority of their Company.