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Path to Now

Marcia loved to make things since she was a kid. She was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in a household of artists. Her father Mario Brasini, a prominent Brazilian play writer, was the first supporter of her creations. ‘Dad and I just adore each other. I remember the joy dad had with each of my new creation. So much love and respect for each step of my development. It was if creativity bound us together, as if we vibrated in the same wavelength, making my explorations a comfortable place to be. His unconditional support towards my creative development set the tone for my fearless devotion to a visual arts career.’ Marcia remembers. After high school, she enrolled in the art program at Bennett University in Rio de Janeiro. Early in her college years, she fell in love with sculpturing.

Marcia's first art studio, 1983.

Before graduation, Marcia already had her first art studio up and running. Success came fast, and in the following years, Marcia’s sculptures were being sold in galleries throughout the county.


Her work allowed her to show abroad and lead her to establish a studio and permanent residency in the US. Although for many years, Marcia found it hard to find an audience for her work in the US, she kept the dream alive, participating in juried shows throughout the East coast.

Throughout the years, her creative process evolved into a change in media.  Marcia embraced silversmith to become a jewelry maker, taking the extra step of becoming a registered gemologist to gain the skills needed for gem identification.

In 1990, along with her husband, Fred Fowler, Marcia opened a studio/showroom in New Oxford where she worked and sold her pieces.

After 19 years, established in New Oxford, the couple had the opportunity to relocate their shop to Gettysburg. The hard years became engraved in her soul, giving her an enormous sense of gratitude for the success of today.  When you listen to Marcia talk about how her life has unfolded to where she is now, you can hear the passion and the gratitude in her voice. The passion and gratitude are shown in every piece of jewelry she makes.

Art is Investment Program on Brazilian National television in 1988.Interview with Marcia (in Portuguese)

Artist Statement

Because of your support, I can create the one-of-a-kind designs you see in our shop. .  

Throughout every working hour, I handcraft jewelry pieces to bring you joy and good vibes. That’s all I do. No distractions to deviate my focus. I work with the purest .925 sterling silver and construct each piece by hand with old school technique.

Each gemstone I use is tested in our gem lab. Every working day is a happy new adventure from imagining a form and making it manifest into a piece you will wear on your skin. There is no shortcut or quick fix. Every hour at the working bench is devoted to constructing each single jewelry piece with care for durability and lasting wear.

Thank you for inviting my work into your life.

I hope you can find in my designs the perfect jewelry to helps you fall in love with yourself a bit more every time you wear it!

Marcia Brasini-Fowler