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Hi, I am Marcia. I want to thank you for visiting our online shop. We are an old-school silversmith jewelry studio. All the work you are about to see is created and handcrafted in our brick and mortar location located in the historic district of Gettysburg, PA. I am an artist, sculptor by trade that fell in love with silversmithing and gemstones. And I fell in love because of you. Because of the profound human connection, we together create, through the work I make. You may have noticed, the jewelry you wear is a big deal because it adds to the way you present yourself. 


In my opinion, the way you present yourself goes beyond the reflection you see in the mirror. It affects the way you feel and embeds the story of who you are or want to be. For this reason, the way you think about yourself impacts the image you project to the world around you. Does it make sense to you?



Some of the silversmith work is forged layer by layer, while some are sculpted in wax and cast in silver throughout a process called lost wax casting. The gemstones I set on my pieces are carefully tested in our gem lab. As you probably know, it is challenging to tell if a gemstone is a natural formation or synthetic. If my work touches your heart and adds to your self-confidence, it found its purpose. And it is my privilege to a part of your journey.

  Thank you!

Holiday Hours: ( December 1st to December 31st)

Open 7 days a week from 11am to 8pm)

Christmas Eve - 11am to 5pm

Christmas day - CLOSED

December 31st - 11am to 5pm

January 1st - Closed


Our studio/shop does not have handicap access at the moment. We have been trying to find a solution. However, a change in the structure facade that does not compromise the historical building architecture has been challenging.

We want you to know that your needs are important to us, and we would like to be part of your Gettysburg experience. Every one of our handcrafted jewelry in the showroom is available online. We will be looking forward for the opportunity to serve your needs.