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Welcome to the online version of our brick and mortar Body and Soul in New Oxford.

Attention: Our New Oxford shop will be relocating to Gettysburg by the end of March. During this period, our hours have changed. The shop is closed on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Any other day, we are operating regular hours.

Hi, I am Marcia. Thank you for stopping by.

I am an artist, sculptor by trade that felt in love with silversmith and gemstones. And I fell in love because of you. Because of the profound human connection, we together create. You see, the jewelry you wear is a big deal. The way you present yourself, tells you a story about who you are, or want to be every time you see your reflection in a mirror. For this reason, the way you fell goes beyond the image you project to the world around you. It is the place where self-confidence comes from.  

Every piece you are about to see was entirely handcrafted here, in our studio. Some of the silversmith work is forged layer by layer, while some are sculpted in wax and cast in silver throughout a process called lost wax casting.

When welding, I only use hard silver solder. Because hard silver solder is mostly silver, its melting temperature is very close to pure silver, which makes it tricky to work without melting the entire piece. But working with hard silver solder is worth it- it gives a high bound and polishes beautifully, making the metal junction invisible.

If my work can help you express your individuality, it found its purpose. You!.
And it is my privilege to a part of your journey.
  Thank you!

  •  "I have received several beautiful gifts from Body and Soul! I receive compliments every time I wear any of my jewelry. These pieces are not only of unique design, but made with love and healing energies. I can't wait to collect even more!" – Leslie Dull-Runkle PA
  • "Marcia is such a beautiful person inside and out. You can see the love she puts into every piece, and I love that each piece is not the same as the ones before it. I have gotten my wedding ring here. Working with her on how I wanted stylized and the settings worked with how my partner and I envisioned, she really exceeded my expectations". – Joshua Ali-Naderi - VA