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Date Night!

commission handmade love story pendant woman artist

Must be date night, she giggles. She could see Grammy’s house getting closer as the car drove into the street. Happiness and joy overflowed the house where a yummy smell from Grammy’s kitchen was the clue. The girls were spending the night. Mom and dad loved to dance, and that’s why they dressed so beautifully those special nights. That time is forever engraved in their memory, as a loving story worth to be remembered. The cufflinks dad always used to date night, today, re-created into pendants, still dances close to the girl’s hearts. A daily reminder of their loving parents, joyful laughs, yummy smells and Grammy’s hugs.

Handcrafted by Marcia, at Body and Soul in New Oxford, where your dreams are forged in silver by caring hands. Shop instore and online at

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