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Branches Cross Pendant

  • $ 350.00

* Limited Edition.
* I sculpted this cross in wax and cast it in solid .925 sterling silver through a process called lost wax casting. Only five are produced per year. This pendant is the last of the year.

* The accent gems are a .45ct tanzanite, yellow sapphire and emerald melee. Tanzanite frequency resonates with the wonders in life, helping to bring your desire into reality. A perfect combination to enchant your life with miracles of faith.

* The solid .925 sterling silver pendant is constructed with care for durable and lasting wear.

* The gems are naturally formed.

* Size: About 2" x 1".

* The pendant was designed and hand-crafted in our silversmith studio in PA.

* The pendant is signed and arrives safely in your hands in a lovely jewelry box.

Ships in 3 business days.

FREE shipping in the USA

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