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Rectangular Castanet with Blue & Lemon Diamonds

  • $ 395.00

* This lovely hammered Chain is entirely handcrafted. Each link is individual welded, made to last.

* The accent gems flush set on the bars are Blue and lemon diamonds melee.

* You can wear it solo or hang any pendant as shown in the picture.

* Your pendant will always stay where it is supposed to be!

* The cool clasp is easy to use and well constructed.

* A  Tiger's eye cabochon accent gem at the end of the chain completes the charming look.

* Handcrafted to last in solid .925 sterling silver.

* You can adjust the length for up to 22".

* Each castanet is entirely handcrafted in our studio in PA.

* We maintain a small production of these design. If none is available at this time, send us an email, and we will place you on the waiting list.

* When available, ships in 2 business days.

(Pendant not included)

Free Shipping in the USA.


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