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Heavenly Amethyst Pendant

$ 295.00


* What if each bird that flies up high came back with messages from the Heavens?

*The bird was sculpted in wax and cast in .925 sterling silver. Durable and lasting wear to bring a bit of heaven into your life.

* The accent gem next to the bird is pink tourmaline and citrine.

* The lager gem is sparkly light shade amethyst. Amethyst transmutes the lower energies around you into higher frequencies. A perfect combination of symbol and gem vibes to bring happiness to your soul.

* All gemstones are naturally formed. The piece is a one-of-a-kind, designed and hand-crafted in our silversmith studio in PA.

* The pendant is signed and arrives safely in your hands in a lovely jewelry box.

Ships in 3 business days.

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