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Gems for Healing

You found your Divine path through energy work. You understand how the energy emanating from natural crystals can help you help others. The difficulty you may face comes when it’s time to choose the specimens to have at your practice and the gems to wear on your skin.  You are not alone.  It can be confusing. Between books and the web, there is a lot of information that does not always agree. That’s because people that channel, and dare to express the vibes behind each group of crystals do not always agree. For this reason, emerging into the fascinating world of crystals vibes can be intimidating.  However, when you realize that we are all unique within our universes, it does make sense your magnetic field can resonate with a particular vibration differently than the person next to you.

The conclusion is that you must be open to trusting what you feel. Trust is the key as your senses will always guide you.

There is an approach that works quite well to help you in your journey. It is simple and easy to understand. All you need is to keep your mind open and use a bit of imagination.

Let's call it the 'Signature of Crystals'.

All you need to do is combine a little knowledge about the crystal formation with a bit of imagination. In a few minutes what was mysterious becomes surprisingly unveiled, and you can naturally absorb the knowledge that is yours by Divine Right.

 Easy Guidelines:

1 – Crystals are divided into so-called crystal systems. A crystal system determines the shape in which the specimen forms in nature.

For example, Clear Quartz forms in the trigonal system. Its natural shape is elongated and terminated in a point. It almost looks like an obelisk, or an antenna capturing energetic waves. Clear quartz point is said to be able to amplify both body energy and thoughts. It is believed to bring the energy of the stars into the soul.

 Tip: Observe the shape of the formation. The shape of a formation is telling a story. What does it remind you of?

Clear Quartz Formation:

 – Texture – Formations have unique textures. Textures tap into our senses. The intensity in which your senses perceive a texture may be telling you the strength in which the crystal will be able to affect you because the sensation is unique to you.

For example: Unlike obsidian, apatite has a texture. However, it is somehow soapy. Apatite is said to dissolve (wash away) aloofness.  Apatite vibration is also said to assist in weight loss (wash away unwanted fat)

Obsidian forms in the volcanic larva. Obsidian is in fact glass. Its vibe is said to act like a mirror, helping you see your flaws so that you can fix them.

3 – Color – You can link the natural color of a crystal formation to the ancient knowledge such as the Chakras.

For example, green is associated with the heart Chakra. For this reason, naturally formed crystals that are green are said to act upon the heart Chakras, unblocking emotions and assisting in the healing of emotional affairs.

5 – Without going deep into the chemical make-up of crystals, some knowledge can give you clues.

For example, Lepidolite. Lepidolite is also known as lithium mica. Lithium is the lightest metal and the least dense solid element. Lithium is used in batteries where no water is used in the electrolyte.  Its relevance is that without water, the evolution of hydrogen and oxygen gasses is eliminated, and cells can operate with much broader potentials.


Red crystals are powerful simulative. They move stagnant energy. Lesser the color intensity, less the stimulus potency.


Pink crystals are gentle stimulants (a diluted form of red). For this reason, Rose quartz is known as the stone of self-love and unconditional love for others. Like the color red, the intensity of pink determines the level of stimulation.


Orange crystals are motivation boosters. They activate internal organs function.  The orange filter is used in light therapy to benefit muscles.


Yellow crystals stimulate the nerve system. It is an excellent aid for stress and improves digestion.


Green crystals promote emotional balance. For this reason, it is associated with the heart Chakra.

Light Blue

Light blue crystals promote the ability for clear communication and self-expression.


Indigo crystals promote intuition, together and are associated with the third eye.


Violet crystals enhance inspiration and creativity. It promotes empathy to others

White & Clear

White and Clear Crystals help mental clarity and have cleansing properties.


Black crystals absorb and recycle energy.