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Gemological Services

In-house register gemologist and convenient gemological services for your gemstone identification.  

Why have your gems identified?

* You may have inherited jewelry pieces and want to know what kind of gemstones are in the setting. Are the gems natural, created or artificially enhanced?

* You may have come across a good deal in an auction, estate sale or something of that kind. Are the gems natural? Enhanced? Created?

* It is always wise to know what you own, mainly because naturally formed gemstones hold their value.

Is there a cost for the service?

* Yes. Gemstone identification requires plenty of skills acquired through specialized training.

* Every type of gemstone has a distinctive set of physical and optical properties. Some optical properties are similar for different specimens, making it necessary to use several tests to identify a single gemstone. A gem identification is obtained by the analysis of the combined primary tests result.

How is it done?

* Gemological testing is done using optical instruments which do not affect your gemstones appearance.

* We have a space dedicated to gemological work. It is in this place we inspect and test every gemstone we use in our one-of-a-kind jewelry creations. And it is where we will be testing your loose gems as well as gemstones set in jewelry pieces.

* Testing is performed while you wait. The work will be completed in about 20min to half an hour. We appreciate your call setting an appointment before our gemological work request.

Service Fee:

Loose gemstone:

     $45 single gemstone

     $40 more than one gemstone


Mounted gemstone:

     $50 single stone

     $45 more than one gemstone