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Quartz Crystal Hoops

  • $ 170.00

* How do you feel about never losing your hoop ears in the meadow of your day! Now, imagine looking gorgeous with a pair of charming hoop earrings that you feel sure not to lose in the middle of your busy day.

* You got it with this super charming design handmade in .925 sterling silver.

* These earrings are very comfortable to wear and well build to last you a lifetime.

* The accent gem is sparkly naturally formed clear quartz crystal

* Size: About 1 1/4" diameter

* Designed and hand-crafted in our silversmith Jewelry studio in PA. The earrings are signed and arrive in your hands in a lovely gift box.

Ships in 3 business days.

Free Shipping in the USA.

Gem Vibes: Quartz crystal can amplify both body energy and thoughts. It brings the energy of the stars into your soul. It harmonizes and aligns human energies. It facilitates both speaking and receiving information from the spiritual teachers and healers.

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