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Phoenix Bracelet

  • $ 285.00

* Have you ever been surprised with your inner strength in overcoming difficulties, re-build your life as many times as necessary? That’s the Spirit of Phoenix in you! The Phoenix is a mythical sacred fire-bird with the ability to rise from its ashes anew.

* Phoenix is the symbol in the center of this bracelet. All handcrafted in .925 sterling silver.

* The solid sterling silver band, are handcrafted branches, giving the bracelet a  sleek look.

* The accent gemstones on each side of Phoenix symbol are jade and tiger's eye.

* Jade frequency helps you release emotions through your dreams. Tiger's eye frequency resonates with a state of mental clarity. A perfect combination of vibes that gives you a charming look.

* The study sterling silver clasp has a safety feature. It is not just secure but also elegant.

* The gems are naturally formed, and bracelet length is about 8 1/4".

* This one-of-a-kind bracelet was designed and handcrafted in our silversmith jewelry studio in PA.  The bracelet is signed and arrives in your hands in a lovely jewelry box accompanied by the symbol description.

Ships in 3 business days.

Free shipping in the USA.

 Symbol Meaningfulness

Phoenix the energy of determination that moves us to re-invent ourselves. Phoenix is the true self of those capable of re-building their lives and persona as many times as necessary. The Phoenix is a mythical sacred fire bird with the ability to rise from its ashes anew.


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