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Oracle of Delphi Spanish Link Chain Bracelet

  • $ 420.00

* Goddess Bracelet Collection.
* Handcrafted to bring the beauty and power of ancient goddess archetypes within you to the surface!
* The Oracles of Delphi were priestesses of the temple of Apollo at Delphi. They were known as Pythias, the most prestigious and authoritative oracles in the Greek world. For centuries, kings, generals, and ordinary people consulted the Oracles of Delphi at the Temple of Apollo before making any significant decisions helping to determine the course of empires; in the 4th century when the Pythias became silent.
* Both the priestess Pythia and Temple of Apollo charm are sculpted in wax and cast in solid .925 sterling silver.
* The gem between the charms is Mother of Pearl.
* The solid .925 Sterling silver 14-gauge Spanish link chain ends with a secure clasp.
* The sturdy clasp makes adjusting the bracelet to your wrist size easy.
* The bracelet length is about 8 1/2".
* Handcrafted in solid .925 sterling silver.
* This bracelet has a sophisticated look and feel.
* A signed piece designed and handcrafted in our silversmith jewelry studio in PA.
* Arrives in a lovely jewelry box.
* Ships in 3 business days.
* Free shipping in the USA.


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