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Hamsa Hand Spanish Link Chain Bracelet

  • $ 420.00

* Not just a Spanish link chain bracelet. But a Spanish link chain with a secret. A Hamsa hand medallion that will hide and become visible, as you move through life.

* The hamsa is a symbol polpular throughout North Africa and in the Middle East. It has been traditionally worn to provide protection against the evil eye. The hamsa has been found in ancient Mesopotamian artifacts as amulets of the goddess Inanna.

* The Hamsa hand is engraved in a solid .925 sterling silver medallion.

* The accent gem is a 2mm white sapphire melee.

* Handcrafted in .925 sterling silver.

* This bracelet has a sophisticated look and feel.

* The sturdy clasp makes it easy to adjust the bracelet to your wrist size..

* The gem is naturally formed, and the bracelet length is about 8".

* A signed piece, designed and handcrafted in our silversmith jewelry studio in PA. 

* Arrives in a lovely jewelry box.

* Ships in 3 business days.

* Free shipping in the USA.



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